Hello there!

I’m Bonita, a Senior Product Designer and Illustrator from South Africa. I am passionate about accessibility, illustration, icon design, problem-solving, and thoughtfully crafted design systems. I believe that digital products can look amazing while being accessible to all users.

I help businesses connect with their clients on a more accessible level and guide their teams in building and organising dynamic Design Systems and Component Libraries.

I am proud to share that I received the Meerkat Designer of the Year award at Nedbank in 2022.

If you’re curious about my background, you can read my Design Journey.


“Bonita takes on a natural leadership role by encouraging the team to meet higher standards, pushing her teammates to deliver on time, accommodating hand-overs for the next team, constantly staying on top of technology (provided her recent purchase of a VR headset), and going about all of these interactions in a kind, honest and humble way. She is an excellent team player and a friend to her colleagues, the person to trust.”

— Colleague at Nedbank, South Africa

“Bonita was super fast with iterating and using a lot of different input during the period. I can really recommend working together.”

— The Ground, Sweden

“Excellent, professional, and creative design work! Flexible and responsive in making changes.”

— iCrowd, USA

“Her ability to adapt to the new style and refine it happened quite quickly so she ended up redesigning our entire icon set (±170 icons), which will ultimately help us when this project kicks off. Bonita has been involved with helping defining and crafting the new Nedbank illustration style which will be consumed by the Design system team, and other projects that are running in parallel. It’s an absolute pleasure working with Bonita, and we are very happy to have her on our team!”

— Design Lead at Nedbank, South Africa

“Bonita was great to work with! Not only does she have creative designs and illustrations, but she was also very responsive and communicative. She was able to take the feedback I gave, understand it completely, and modify designs accordingly and to my expectation. I would definitely recommend her and work with her again.”

Leafmarks, USA